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by | Sep 9, 2022 | Magazine

Skinesiology is a local brand that harnesses the power of South African botanicals to bring you a skincare range that nourishes and uplifts your skin, mind and body.

Skinesiology vibrational skincare is based on the principles of kinesiology: body-based vibrational therapy in which the body and mind are connected and intertwined to raise your energetic vibration and enhance overall well-being and balance. Skinesiology aims to extract the essence within plants to maintain the optimal energetic and nutritional values of the plants that are then added to their skin and body creams.

We chat with founder Dorita Redelinghuys about her inspiration behind the range.

What does “vibrational skincare” mean?

Vibrational skincare activates the life force energy of your skin.

It is based on energy principles to restore your skin to its natural vibrant beauty. This gives your skin the optimal gift of restoration.

How are vibrational essences incorporated into the range?

Isn’t it beautiful that the energy of nature can be transferred to your skin?

The energy of nature can be transferred to your skin as an energy imprint that holds a specific vibration.

We extract the essence, life force, and spirit of the plant through various methods. We use rhythmical extraction processes, vibrational ingredients, and pure essential oils. The vibrational ingredients are rhythmically prepared botanicals and flower essences.

What inspired you to create Skinesiology?

I started working as an energy kinesiologist or body therapist, 20 years ago.

The aim of a kinesiologist is to release stressful emotions connected to discomfort.

I wanted to bottle the feelings to lift your mood and clear away tense feelings. Skinesiology capture this with its beautiful fragrance notes that awaken your senses and activate the body’s energy systems.

What are the best ways to use the products at home?

Take a moment for yourself, re-connect, and enjoy the rich feeling of the natural oils and botanicals.

How can the products be incorporated into treatments like kinesiology or beauty therapy?

Skinesiology branched out. We are hosting 1-day workshops on combining facials and bodywork with the Gua Sha and crystal rollers. A blend between kinesiology with the energy element. The aim is to release deep seated stress and tension and natural healing for skin stress.

What is something you’d really like us to understand about the products?

It is easy to use! Skin -esi- ology has it in the name. We look after you.
It is also natural, Sulphur free, and bio-degradable.

We use pure essential oils and African botanicals.

What are some good ways to manage anxiety?

Sign out and get out of your head.

As a body-mind therapist to connect with the body’s wisdom is essential. The first product created was the peace of mind vibration, designed to transform stress.

‘The connection between the head and heart communication is a magic state of being where one connects with intuitive or heart intelligence. The focus of the “peace of mind” vibration is to bring one’s awareness and consciousness into the heart area. In this state, you can experience calmness, inner guidance and optimal functioning. The flower remedies are chosen to assist in moving over energy (too much thinking, full head space) into facilitates hearing the still, small voice within and turning to it for the wisdom of inner guidance.’

Do you have a morning or evening routine or ritual?

I love to start and end the day being in tune. I love my meditations. I also check the weather and greet the sun and stars at night.

What lifts your spirits?

Spending time in nature if it is climbing a mountain or jumping in the ocean. It is when your innate ability to connect with the things you love come so easily.

What scent reminds you of your childhood?

Fresh air, fynbos. The scent of open spaces.

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