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My Bliss Co is a love child

One parent is a digital designer and the other is a writer and photographer

Together we wanted to create something that would guide, support, comfort, and inspire people to find their joy and live more bliss full lives. Lives full of balance, serenity and hope.

After much soul searching, My Bliss Co was born.

Thank you for being here, we hope our digital home offers you a space to pause, rest and feel cared for. If I could, I’d bring you a cup of hot chocolate or iced tea, an ooey, gooey cookie and a hug!

I’m Samantha, a certified vegan nutritionist, yoga teacher, massage and reiki therapist, stress consultant and international luxury Spa Director as well as a designer, writer, editor and photographer.

Being an empath, HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Pisces and Vata dosha (Auyervedic profile) makes me intuitive, deeply compassionate, giving, insightful, loving and very caring – on a good day and exhausted, anxious, over analytical, super sensitive, overwhelmed and depressed on a bad one.

I’ve studied in India, Thailand, the UK and South Africa and my career has taken me from the Cape Town fashion world to luxury spas in London. I’ve also worked at a local vet and an assortment of odd (in the true sense of the word) jobs that ran from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the film set of Batman to washing dishes in a London cafe, to handing out free magazines outside the tube station to working as a hostess at Madonna’s birthday party, but that’s another story for another day.)

I’ve traveled to wonderful places (Vietnam, Turkey and Italy are my favorites) and lived in Johannesburg, London, Cape Town and now in the beautiful village of Franschhoek.

I’ve lost and found myself both literally and figuratively so many times.

My happy place is My Bliss Co.

A kind and comforting company created to help YOU find your bliss.

Love Sam