A local love story that created a sustainable food company

by | May 13, 2020 | Magazine

Ripple Effect is a sustainable food company with a range of natural, ethically-sourced and organic products including services such as meal delivery, vegetable boxes, health products and holistic consultancy. They are committed to maximising a positive impact on the environment and those around us.

How Ripple Effect Foods came to life.

This is basically a love story about two individuals who not only fell in love with each other but also how their passion in the kitchen grew into the birth of a sustainable food company that focuses on seasonal plants and an eco-friendly environment.

Josh and I officially met up in October 2019, a year after having met at a local vegan café during his short stay in Cape Town in 2018. During the time he was living in London, we had occasionally stayed in touch, but nothing to write home about. Nonetheless, we had agreed upon a sundowners picnic along Signal Hill one chilly, yet cozy Sunday evening, where we chatted until the night grew dark and the moon rose above our heads. I will keep it short and say that the sunset walk ended up being the start of an unexpected, yet incredible journey for the both of us.

I soon discovered that Josh had studied nutrition in the UK and was just as passionate about healthy eating as I was.

Having worked with one of London’s most well-known raw, vegan cafes and helping develop one of the UK’s top street food brands combined with his impressive flair in the kitchen; he has a great understanding of flavours and developed an impressive repertoire of recipes.

I started my food journey by helping build one of Cape Town’s most popular health-food cafés, before starting my own food venture providing juice cleanses, guilt-free snacks and other healthy dishes to local businesses and individuals around Cape Town.

It wasn’t long before life intervened.

Josh decided to immigrate back to Cape Town, which came as a big surprise. The excitement grew when we decided to put our passion and experience together and create a food brand where we are both able to channel our creativity in the kitchen aiming to inspire and educate those around us, spreading the ripple effect of health.

This was the inspiration for Ripple Effect Foods – a food company embodying an ethos of conscious living, holistic health and plant-based nutrition.

Since late December 2019, we have been a part of many catering & private events as well as beautiful holistic retreats in and around Cape Town. Since Covid-19 we have had to pivot and think of creative ways to keep the fire burning and the ripples spreading.

Follow Ripple Effect on social media and see what we are up too, whether it’s tips on how to start and grow your own veggies, boosting your immune system with our selected health products, easy to follow recipes or wanting something delicious delivered to your door.

Love and light 


Melissa McBain

One of the partners of Ripple Effect Foods.  I helped build one of Cape Town’s most popular health-food cafés and had started my own food production and supply business providing juice cleanses, guilt-free snacks and other healthy dishes to local businesses and individuals around Cape Town.

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